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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dell Laptop Offers

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Inspiron 14R CORE I3-380 M/2GB/320GB/DOS 28000.00
Inspiron 14R CORE I3-380 M/3GB/320GB/DOS 29600.00
Inspiron 14R CORE I3-380 M/3GB/320GB/W7HB/ 15M Mcafee 34000.00
Inspiron 14R CORE I3-380 M/4GB/500GB/W7HP / 15M Mcafee / Modem 36800.00
Inspiron 14R CORE I5-480M/ 4GB/500GB/ 1GB/DOS 39200.00
Inspiron 14R CORE I5-480M/ 4GB/500GB/1GB/ W7HB/ 15M Mcafee 42000.00

Inspiron 15R CORE I3-380M /3GB/320GB/ W7HB/15 M Mcfee/Office Home and Student 35500.00
Inspiron 15R CORE I3-380M /3GB/320GB/DOS/ 512MB 33500.00
Inspiron 15R CORE I3-380M /3GB/320GB/1GB/DOS/ 35900.00
Inspiron 15R CORE I3-380M /3GB/320GB/1GB/ W7HB/15 M Mcfee/ 38100.00
Inspiron 15R CORE I5-480M /4GB/500GB/1GB/DOS/ 40100.00

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